Kick It

When: October 4, 2023

Time: 6pm-7pm

Where: FLC

What: Kick off mid-week programming with us on the right foot! We are putting a new spin on kick ball with tons of kicking inspired activities, games and tournaments. At Let’s kick It, kids and parents will have the chance to compete in a variety of station-based mini-games and activities as well as a few all play games with their team:

  • HACKY SACK STATION: Compete to see who can keep a hacky sack from hitting the ground for the longest.
  • TRICK KICKS STATION: Win points by showing off their kicking skills in some specific challenges.
  • SKIP-IT STATION: Break out the classic Skip-It toy to find out who really is the best skipper.
  • FIELD GOAL FLICKER STATION: Compete to see who is the strongest and most accurate flicker of field goals.
  • KICK-TAC-TOE: Play a relay-style game of tic-tac-toe by kicking soccer balls at a giant game board.

After some station-based game play, we will split into large group teams and get started on some all-play games, like . . .

  • SCOOTER SOCCER: Level up a normal game of soccer with an oversized soccer ball and some scooter boards.
  • BALLOON-SKETBALL: Compete to see who can move the most balloons into the other team's basket using only their feet.
  • CONTINUOUS KICKBALL: A fast-paced twist on the classic game will ensure every kid gets several chances to kick, run, and score!
Kids Konnect

Wednesday Nights 6pm-7pm

Kids make a connection with other kids, a small group leader and Jesus on Wednesday nights from 6pm-7pm during the school year.

First Lights (Elementary/Preteens 2nd grade through 5th grade) Will meet in the FLC from 6-6:30pm and then move upstairs until 7pm. Pick up will be in the FLC.



First Arts & Crafts Swap


Hey Parents! We want to partner with you in organizing for the new school year. Now is the time to go through your home and either store or dispose of last year’s artwork collection.

I personally save around five to ten favorites, photograph the rest and then pitch or recycle what I can.

This year, after your child’s art has been brought home, enjoyed, photographed, and shutterfly-ed, consider donating it to the First Arts and Crafts Swap.


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