What We are Teaching Sunday October 25, 2020

Children's Bulletin


I'd like to have kids create something for Pastor Appreciation. I have some wooden hearts they can paint or write their name on. I can then make them into a garland or something.

Then we can play the floor is lava or capture the flag as both games support our bottom line: focus on our choices, tell the truth, be trustworthy.

What We are Teaching Sunday October 18, 2020

Children's Bulletin


We will focus on being united in Christ and how that helps us to make wise choices. There is strength in numbers. United we stand; divided we fall.

Idea 1:

We will give each child a craft stick and have them write down on it one thing that makes life hard for them.

We will ask them to think about the problem and break the stick in half.

The stick was easily broken alone.

Have them do it again.

Collect the sticks and try to break them all at once.

It's harder to break them when we have extra support. It's harder to be broken from our faith if we have support of family and friends in the church.

Idea #2

Go to soccer field.

Divide kids into two teams 1 at each goal.

Leader claps hands and kids on team A will turn around and try to tag kids on Team B.

Those who are tagged will become part of team A.

Kids on team B can avoid being tagged by running back behind their own boundary line or standing next to a teammate (6ft apart) with hands outstretched but not touching.


Was it easier to run back or stand with a partner?

Sometimes it may seem best to run from problems, but God wants us to face them. It's easier to stand firm when we have support from our family and friends.


What We Are Teaching Sunday October 11, 2020

Children's Bulletin -

Games/Activities -

Making 'rocket launchers'.

Get Your Head in the Game
What You Need: “Action Cards” Activity Page

What You Do:
• Form two teams and direct them to stand at opposite sides of your space, as far apart as possible.
• Ask one player from each team to be their team’s “Controllers” and come stand in the middle of the room, each facing their own teams.
• Invite the “Controllers” to each take an “Action Card” and call out the directions to their team, which will do the action then freeze in place.
• Continue drawing cards until ALL the players on one team reach their Controller.
• Switch Controllers, shuffle the “Action Cards,” and play again as time allows.

What You Say:
“Winning or losing this game was totally out of your control. Even your team’s Controller couldn’t ‘control’ whether you moved forward, stayed in place, or had to go back to the starting line. Do you ever feel like life is that way, too—out of your control? We make choices that impact our lives for good or bad, but sometimes stuff just happens even when we’ve made great choices. It’s not our fault. It’s not our choice. It’s not anything we can change. If you’ve ever felt that way, it helps to remember that even though we don’t always have control, God does.

First Lights at Home Sunday September 27, 2020

Worship Experience!

This week is a bit different than in past weeks. In order to prepare for once again gathering in the building for Sunday School, our Sundays at home through October will follow along with adult worship which is live at Memorial Park at 9am through October 25.

You can watch our Sunday morning worship beginning at 12pm on the FUMC youtube page.

You can use the children's bulletin below to engage kids with the service.