First Lights Live May 27, 2020

Kid Reflection/Follow Up Activity

What You Need: A notebook or paper/ pen or pencil

What You Do:
Draw a large question mark in the middle of your page.
Write or draw questions you might have about God or following Jesus.
If you feel like their questions are too “big” or personal, just draw simple question marks to represent those.
Write as many questions as you want to.
Remember: Keep going even when you have questions.
When you are finished, pray:

“Dear God, thank You for hearing our prayers and our questions, too. We know that there is no question or problem too big for You, God! Please help us to keep asking, keep praying, and keep going so we can follow You our whole lives. Amen.”

Everyone has questions about something big at some point in their lives. The important thing is to keep going even when you have questions. Remember to always pray and ask God for help when you need it!


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