First Lights Live May 13, 2020

First Lights Live!

6pm May 13, 2020

Follow-up for Kids!

What You Need: Sticky notes, markers, pencils

What You Do:

  • Grab 5 sticky notes. Write on each note an example of when it is tough to finish what you start.
  • Think about:
    • What if you have been given a huge job? What makes it hard to finish it?
    • What makes it hard to finish a season playing on a team that is losing every game?
    • What makes it hard to stay motivated to finish homework when you know summer break will soon be here?
    • Think about examples in your life when you have found it tough to finish what you started.
  • Pray:
    “God, Just like You helped Peter and John’s to keep going even when things got tough, You want to help us too. God, there are times it is tough to finish what we start. There are times we get tired, or frustrated or we are confused what to do next. You are always with us! Help us to decide it is worth it to finish what we start and give us the strength to keep going. Amen!”
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