First Lights Live May 6, 2020

Let's Focus on Pentecost!

God gives us what we need to keep going!

Follow-up Craft!

What You Need: Print the Activity Page below.


What You Do:
· Use modeling dough to color the picture, like filling in a mosaic, by pressing a thin layer onto the cardstock.
· The dough will stay on the cardstock. If the layer is thin enough and smeared into the paper, it will not come off even as it dries.
· When all the areas are filled in, the picture will look like a mosaic or a stained glass windowpane depicting the tongues of fire during pentecost.

Why we do it:
Pentecost was such an important moment in the life of the church. There are thousands of beautiful pictures like these to remind us of that time. Jesus had given His friends a big job to do, and He sent exactly the right Helper to give them the strength to do it! The Holy Spirit lives inside of people who follow Jesus and helps them do what’s right.

God did that so many years ago, and yet He still does that today! The Holy Spirit is with you always when you follow Jesus. Whether it’s strength to finish a big job or wisdom to know the right path, you can trust that [Bottom Line] God gives you what you need to keep going.

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