Easter Egg-stravaganza April 8, 2020

We begin tonight's First Lights Live with a game of Peep Jousting.

To do this at home:

2 Peeps (or large marshmallows)
Microwaveable plate
Markers or Sharpie

One half of the family challenges the other half to a Peep-jousting duel by melting Peeps in a microwave. You’ll need toothpicks to serve as the arms or jousts.

First, divide the room into two teams. Next, take two PEEPS® and assign them to a team. If you don’t have any PEEPS®, no worries, big marshmallows will work as well.
Team A gets Peep A, and Team B get Peep B. You can come up with cooler names like Lord Sugarcoat, or Sir Sprinkles… you get the idea. You can also use a marker or a sharpie to decorate your PEEPS® to give them some personality. Draw a moustache on your Peep, give them some mean eyebrows, or a fancy outfit…let your creative juices flow.
Next, you need to prepare your PEEPS® for battle. Stick a toothpick in each Peep to prepare them for battle. Think of the toothpick as a joust, a lightsaber, or sword – just depends on how serious your family is about the competition. Make sure the toothpick is facing forward, toward the other Peep. Place the two combatants on a microwaveable plate. No social distancing necessary – you want the Peeps to be close together and facing one another.
Finally, time for the big event. Gather around and put the plate in the microwave, setting the timer to 45 seconds. You won’t let it run that long. In fact . . . don’t let it run that long! Then, press start. Watch at a safe distance until the peeps drop their toothpick-sabers and one touches the other. The toothpick that touches the other Peep first, wins!

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Family Follow-ups!

Option #1

Over two thousand years ago, Jesus suffered and died the worst kind of death. But that terrible Friday that Jesus died isn’t the end of the story. Because on Sunday, when Jesus’ friends went to the tomb, it was empty! The grave couldn’t hold Jesus—He’s alive!

That’s why Easter is the best day ever. Jesus knew while He was on the cross that Sunday was coming. He suffered because of the joy He was looking forward to! If there were no Easter, no resurrection, then Jesus wouldn’t be worth following. But because Jesus faced death and beat it, because He is alive, Jesus is worthy of all of our worship and honor and praise!

Grab six plastic Easter eggs. Write out each sentence of the verse onto a strip of paper, fold it up, and place one inside each egg. Ask a sibling or parent to hide the eggs. Search to find them then put all the sentences in order. Read the verse with your sibling or parent. Then spend some time thanking Jesus for what Easter really means.

Option #2

Imagine the wealthiest king, sitting on a tall throne, crowned with jewels, surrounded by servants bowing down at his feet. What might happen if that king stepped down from the throne, took off his royal robe and jewel covered crown, and lined up with the servants instead?

That’s what Jesus did. He left the beauty and perfection of heaven behind to become like a servant. Jesus chose to enter our world as one of us, completely human, able to feel and experience all the things we experience so that we could know Him. Jesus chose to put you first.

Grab a piece of paper and draw a picture the night Jesus was born. Think about how Jesus left heaven for you, in order to put you first. Underneath your drawing write the words “Jesus put me first.”

Spend some time today thanking Jesus for choosing to leave heaven and come to earth so that He could put you first. Ask Him to help you follow Him this week as you choose to put others first, too.

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