Power Up – Wednesday March 18, 2020

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Jesus' friends had joy even when they were being put in jail, even when they were being made fun of, and even when they were being beaten. They had joy because they knew that Jesus died on a cross and came back from the dead for them. They had joy because they trusted God, and they had the Holy Spirit to help them.

God can help US have joy, too, even when things aren’t going the way we want. We can do it when we power up with the Holy Spirit.

Say it together: “Choose joy no matter what’s going on.”

You and I aren't in jail like the disciples, but we are experiencing something that is really hard. We can't be together. You can't go to school. We don't know when we'll be back to normal. It's tough. But we can still choose to have joy on the inside, because we know that Jesus came to be our Savior. We can choose to trust God no matter what and have true joy because of Him.

So this week, even when things are so unusual, we can choose to power up with joy!


Watch, sing and dance together!

Story Time!

Watch the So & So Show or Read Acts 5:17-42

Small Groups!

Option #1


Head to the kitchen, grab a glass and fill it up halfway with water. Now stand in front of the glass and answer the following question:

Is the glass half full or is it half empty?

How you answer this question says a lot about how you view the things that happen to you. You can either say:

“Oh man, half of my water is gone!”

Or you can say, “Look, I still have a half a glass of water!”

Looking at things with a half full view helps you have a cheerful heart—like our verse today talks about. But constantly treating every hard thing that happens as if it’s “the worst thing ever” can have the opposite effect. It’s like seeing every situation as half empty. When you trust Jesus as Savior, you should always be able to find the bright side with a cheerful heart.

LOOK for ways to view the hard stuff with joy.

Option #2


Grab a piece of paper and a pencil along with your Bible and a notebook and head outside. See if you can spot a bird on the fence line or in your yard. Watch the bird for a few minutes and then write down the things you observe. You can also draw a simple sketch of the bird if you’d like.

Have you ever observed a bird before? God made that bird you’ve been watching. Do you think that bird worries about where her next meal will come from? Nope. God provides the things birds need to survive.

You are worth so much more than that little bird. Why? Because you were made in God’s image. Of all the things God made, including that little bird, you are most like Him. So the next time you start to worry about something, pause and think about that bird. Remember that God loves you and that He will provide everything you need. Ask Him to replace that worry with peace. Remember, you can have peace because God is in control. We can choose joy because we TRUST God no matter what.

THANK God for the reminder that we can find peace because He is in control.

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