First Lights at Home March 15, 2020

Experience Sunday School Together at Home as a Family!

Ready! Set! Go!

Even if we’re unable to meet within our usual environments, we want to still be able to communicate God’s truth in engaging ways to our kids and weeones.

Our time in First Lights on Sunday mornings with kids and weeones includes a Large Group Worship and Story Experience.

To bring this experience into your home, we have videos for weeones (2yrs-not yet in kindergarten) and elementary kids (K-5th grade) in the link below.

Weeones will watch 'Follow the Leader'.

There are two videos available for elementary kids in the link below. Typically, you will want to choose the 'Preteen' option because that is the video we watch as a large group.

Click Here for Video Experiences

Since kids are out of school, now is an opportunity to have your child practice their faith every day. Here is a resource for your child to use every day this week that builds on what they see and hear in the video:

Family Devotion

If the Sunday Experience isn't quite what your family needs/wants right now...

Don't Forget!

Parent Cue App

This free app gives parents weekly cues that are aligned with the content in the video presentations.

Parent Cue App


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