Make The Most of New Year’s

What do you do with New Year’s? After the last two months of hurry, the idea of “nothing” may seem appealing. But New Year’s is a great time to create some family memories you’ll remember for the rest of the year. But other than staring at your TV screen waiting for a large ball to drop, what can you do?

Here are a few fun ideas to spark your creativity:
2018 HIGHLIGHT REEL. Have each family member think of one favorite memory from the last year. Without using words, have each family member act out their memory and see who can guess what it is.

MAKE NEW YEAR’S POP. Write 5 family fun ideas (play a board game, have
a dance party, make cookies, etc.) on strips of paper. Put the strips inside 5 balloons and pop one balloon every hour from 7pm to midnight.

MAKE A FAMILY FUN LIST. Instead of resolutions, gather your family together and make a list of all the fun things you want to do in the upcoming year. Save the list and refer back to it throughout the New Year.

NEW YEAR’S MOCK UP. Families with little kids have a hard time making it
to the midnight ball drop. Throw a family dance party, complete with a countdown between 7 and 8pm. Happy New Year and good-night!

CRAZY DINNER. Start (or end) the year off with a little FUN by giving each family member $3-$5 to buy one item at the grocery store. Come home, cook
it all, and enjoy your crazy dinner by candlelight!

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