How To Make The Most of Christmas

Instead of “Joy to the World,” does your December sound a lot more like this:
“Who has time to enjoy Christmas? I’m too busy trying to get ready for it!”
”Next year, we are going to enjoy the holiday season more.”
“I wish we would have (you fill in the blank).”

Overloaded schedules and extra to dos can make the holiday season something to get through. But for many of us, we want it to be more than that. We want to be intentional with the time and to have fun with our families. And most of all, remember why we celebrate Christmas—the birth of Jesus Christ.

This Christmas, make sure you have at least one meaningful (and enjoyable!) moment with your kids. Block out a few hours or a whole day to enjoy age-old family traditions or make new traditions with some of our favorite (and simple!) Christmas ideas:

CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT SHOPPING. Before decorating your tree, make a fun family outing of picking out new ornaments. Have each family member secretly pick out and purchase (or make) an ornament to represent this past year (think of trips, pets, hobbies, etc.). Then let each person reveal and explain their ornament choice while decorating the tree together!

CHRISTMAS CARD PRAYERS. At dinner each night, open and read any Christmas cards you received that day. Pray specifically for those families together.

CHRISTMAS LIGHT NIGHT. Pack a thermos of cider and load into the car to drive around your community and look at Christmas lights. Take it to the next level by making a simple scavenger hunt with things like: 1 inflatable Minion, 3 inflatable Santas, 1 Snoopy decoration, etc. Don’t forget to blast your favorite Christmas tunes (and the heat!).

DONATE GIFTS. Whether it’s through your church, Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, Samaritan’s Purse’s Operation Christmas Child, or any number of local drives, find a family in need this Christmas. Find out what they need most and shop for them together as a family.

READ THE CHRISTMAS STORY. Set aside time on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to gather together as a family and hear the Christmas Story (Luke 2:1-20). Trade off who reads each year or have the same member of the family read every year while the others act out different parts.

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