Curriculum Facts



Who writes this curriculum?

It’s not one person. It’s a huge team of educators, theologians, counselors,
therapists, pediatricians, parents, and kids pastors. Every quarter of curriculum
involves 70-100 contributors all of whom align around Jesus and the Great

What theological training do these writers have?

All of the content goes through a team of writers and editors with degrees in
theology, ministry, education, psychology, counseling, human development, and

Why did you choose this curriculum?

I don’t just want my kids to experience information. I want them to experience
life transformation. This curriculum teaches kids in a way that they can
understand, remember, and apply Scriptural truths to their lives.
The truth is there are lots of curriculum creators who focus on theology, games,
and interesting illustrations, but Orange’s focus on adolescent development—
teaching with the whole kid in mind—gives me confidence that our kids will walk
away remembering what they heard and living differently because of it.

Why would we teach a virtue-based curriculum?

We organize our scope and cycle around what Jesus said matters most, which is
to “love God and love your neighbor as yourself.” We actually believe the Great
commandment was positioned by Jesus to give context for Scripture and the
practices of the New Testament Church. That’s why every month we will highlight
a virtue or character quality that is anchored to what Jesus emphasized about
love. We want to give kids and families at least one creative way to apply the
stories and truths from the Bible to their practical life experience. Our hope is that
families can engage in practical conversations that shapes their
faith and character.

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