What We are Teaching Sunday November 15, 2020


Say thank you.

Luke 17:11-19 -
Jesus Heals 10 Men

“Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good. His faithful love continues forever.”
Psalm 136:1, NIrV

Gratitude is letting others know you see how they've helped you.


[Live for God | Application Activity]
Made to Connect: an activity that invites kids to share and collaborate with others while growing their understanding

What You Need: Paper, markers, and phone, camera, or video recorder, (Optional) supplies to make a small “thank you” gift

What You Do:
• Encourage kids to think of a family member or friend who has helped them and they would like to thank.
• Pass out the paper and markers.
• Instruct kids to write “THANK YOU” on their paper.
• Then, make a short video of each kid saying the name of their family member or friend while they hold up their sign and explain why they are grateful.
• Older kids can prepare their message before you film it.
· Optional: If you do not have the ability to video the kids, plan to put together a small “thank you” gift for someone in your church or community, instead.
o Encourage kids to make cards, thanking this person specifically for what they have done.
o Kids can also add small gifts or pictures.

What You Say:
“This was a great way to [Bottom Line] say thank you! It’s pretty easy to thank someone, but why don’t we do it every time someone helps us? (We get busy; we feel shy. Let kids offer other reasons.)

“There are a lot of reasons why we don’t always [Bottom Line] say thank you, but it’s important to do.

“How do you feel when someone else thanks you? (good, seen, appreciated, valued) You feel that person saw how you helped. You feel like they are happy with what you gave them or did for them. You feel good that they appreciated your effort. It feels great to be thanked!

“Think of how great it feels when someone sees how you’ve helped them and remember to [Bottom Line] say thank you whenever you can!”

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