What Kids are Learning Sunday September 6, 2020

Following Worship in the park...

The basics:

Today’s Bible Story: Ephesians 1: 1-12
Today’s Bottom Line: God chooses us. He has good plans for us.

The Goal:

Give kids an opportunity to socialize with each other and their small group leaders while allowing them to be physically active and reinforce the scripture message from service as much as possible.


Red Light/Green Light

Duck Duck Goose

Any game of tag, relay race ect.

When you choose teams for the relay race, you could number them off 1,2,1,2 etc. and afterwards talk about how it would have felt if you'd chosen teams. Relate it back to the sermon and how God always chooses us and He chose us first.

Here is the kid's bulletin. If you are able to divide into small groups, go over the questions with your kids.






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