Wednesday Night Small Group Leader

One of our Kids Connect Small Group Leaders on Wednesday night is Mr. Jeremy, who also happens to be married to Ms. Michelle. Mr. Jeremy has been attending FUMC since 2007. He’s served in Children’s Ministry for 11 years.

While this is his first year as a SGL on Wednesday nights with our elementary kids, Mr. Jeremy has been a helper to our preschool SGL, Ms. Shirley, for the past 11 years. The weeones just love Mr. Jeremy who connects with them in a way only a ‘dad’ can!

Mr. Jeremy is also a dedicated servant in our Hungry Hearts ministry. He comes in on Thursday evening once a month to wash the dishes and on Wednesdays once a month he picks up food donations from Panera Bread.

When he’s not busy influencing the faith of the next generation, he’s busy educating them. He is a sixth grade teacher at CAMS South.
I’m putting this out there (again): Mr. Jeremy deserves major kudos for investing in kids like he does. On Wednesdays he spends the day with middle-schoolers and his evenings with K-5th graders! What a trooper, yeah? We are praying for his sanity too!

When he’s not serving at church or teaching at school, Mr. Jeremy likes to golf. If you want to say ‘thanks’ to Mr. Jeremy, golf balls are a good idea 🙂

The best part of having Mr. Jeremy as a SGL is his booming voice and ability to lead games on Wednesday nights and have fun with them too. He also doesn’t mind when weeones climb on him like he’s a jungle gym.

Mr. Jeremy makes Wednesdays fun for kids and for other small group leaders. And we appreciate it so much!

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