4th Grade Small Group Leader

Our 4th grade Small Group Leader is Ms. Alina. Ms. Alina has been attending FUMC for almost 14 years and began serving in Children’s Ministry in 2006.

In addition to Children’s Ministry she served on the worship team for close to 10 years assisting with the monthly communion responsibilities.

When she is not influencing the next generation as a Small Group Leader, she’s influencing them as a Girl Scout co-Service Unit Manager. If you love Girl Scout Cookies (and who doesn’t?), talk to Ms. Alina. She’s the Service Unit Cookie Manager.

She also volunteers at school by chaperoning band trips and serving in concession stand duties during football and soccer games.
She does all of this while working 7am to 4pm five days a week in the DC Metro area, which is 45 minutes from her home! Wow! We so appreciate Ms. Alina’s valuable time.

For Ms. Alina the most rewarding part about being a SGL is listening to the kids engage in discussion and answering questions. She doesn’t think she has helped them realize those answers. She credits other influences in their lives, but we know that even when they don’t know it, small group leaders are making an impact!
The most fun as a SGL Ms. Alina has is watching the kids participate in the activities by working together. She qualifies this by admitting that the kids get caught up in competition, but most of the time, they work well together.

Ms. Alina not only recommends being a SGL she says, “there is nothing more warm and fuzzy than to see the kids laugh and smile while learning about God and not realizing they are working together to teach each other.” She also added, “Oh and the Children’s Minister is pretty awesome!!!  I really like her!!  ;)”
And we like Ms. Alina too!

Her favorite Bible verse is –
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13 NIV)

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