Well Child Policy


Please do not put your child in Sunday School, the Wednesday night program, the Thursday night program, Childcare, VBS or bring them to any special events if any of the following have occurred within 24 hours:

A fever - (rectal temperature of 100.5 degrees or oral temperature of 99.5 degrees)
Green or yellow discharge from the eyes or nose.
Excessive coughing.
Questionable rash.
Any open sores or weeping wounds.
Any symptom that they usually stay home from school with.
Lethargic behavior (moms usually know when the child isn’t feeling well).
Diarrhea or loose stools currently or within the last 24 hours.
Vomiting currently or within the last 24 hours.
Head lice, pinworms, pinkeye, ringworm, impetigo, hand foot and mouth disease, chicken pox, fifth's disease, sixth disease, scabies, shingles, strep throat, tuberculosis, tapeworms, whooping cough or any other viral infection or communicable disease.
If your child is being treated with an antibiotic, he or she should have received the treatment for at least 24 hours before coming to any Children's Ministry program or event.

First Lights Children's Ministry volunteers are authorized to conduct a quick health check when you bring your child(ren) to the classroom or nursery.

A child will not be admitted if any of the symptoms above are present. First Lights Children's Ministry reserves the right to ask you to keep your child(ren) in the service if they are exhibiting any of the above symptoms or conditions, acting ill or unable to appropriately participate due to illness.


If your child(ren)'s sibling(s) have been diagnosed with any of the above-listed contagious illnesses, like chicken pox or hand foot and mouth disease, please contact the Children's Minister immediately because the exposure of the sibling(s) may pose a risk to others as well.

First Lights Children's Ministry is not permitted to administer any medication (OTC or prescribed) to your child(ren). We are sorry if this presents a scheduling issue for your child(ren) and are happy to have you come to the classroom to treat them. We also would ask that you not leave any medications in the classroom with your child(ren) or in your child(ren)’s bag. The only exception to this is that you may leave Rescue Inhalers or EpiPens (properly labeled). Please notify the Children's Minister and Children's Ministry volunteer that you have done so.

If your child(ren) has allergies, please notify the Children's Minister. You can document allergies on permission forms that are returned to the Children's Minister.

Thank you for participating in First Lights Children's Ministry. We hope that you will help us keep children and volunteers safe and healthy! If you at any point have questions or concerns, please contact us.