Do You Want to Meet a Savior?

The UnFrozen Christmas Eve Service is an evening of joyful worship, playful presentation, and fresh examination of the story of Jesus' birth.

Once upon a time. These words have been the start of countless stories. When we hear “once upon a time,” we know what will follow. A tale of adventure and wonder. A legendary story of heroes and villains. In the end, good triumphs over evil. And everyone lives happily ever after.

These tales have become familiar to us all. We know that the lowly pauper will turn out to be a prince. We know that the king will triumph over evil. The once cold, dead heart will become unfrozen. After awhile, the story loses its wonder and excitement.

The Christmas story began once upon a time. We don't want to forget the power of that story. How that baby born in a manger is our Prince of Peace. How King Jesus established a kingdom that will never end. How he restores the frozen hearts of people and gives them new life.

What to Expect

Family Friendly

This Christmas service will appeal to people of all ages. Younger ones will appreciate the likeness to a popular movie, while adults will appreciate the weaving of one story with another. It's funny, but very meaningful. Unfrozen is a great way to celebrate the birth of Jesus as a family.


Childcare will be available for children two years of age and younger. We welcome all children to be with us in the service whether they are sleeping and silent or jumping up and down with joy. The congregation of First United Methodist Church delights in the sounds of little ones! But if you feel more comfortable, we also have a quieting room located right off the sanctuary where families can continue to listen to the service, but kids have a bit more freedom.

Activity Bags

Because this is a service for families, we offer activity bags for kids to use during the service. They include Christmas themed activity books and crayons with other little goodies to occupy busy fingers.

We just ask that you return the bags at the end of the service so that we can reuse.


If you love to sing Christmas Carols, you will enjoy this service, which is filled with favorites! Feel free to 'let go' and sing your heart out!


Whether you attend First United Methodist Church throughout the year, or you are looking for a church to spend this very special evening, you belong here with us!

The Christmas Story

We combine elements of drama and scripture reading to weave a modern fairy tale together with the story of Jesus' birth. The result is an evening of joyful worship for the family!

Join us!


225 S. Second Street

Chambersburg, PA 17201

Chrsitmas Eve Service Hours

First United Methodist Church offers 3 services on Christmas Eve:

4pm in the Sanctuary

7pm in the Sanctuary (Unfrozen)

11pm in the Sanctuary (Candlelight vigil)