Mother’s Day 2023

Moms you are 'tea-rrific!'

Sunday May 14, 2023

During the Sunday School hour, Little Lights and First Lights will be celebrating mothers with a 'Tea Party'!

Mothers are invited to stay with their child/children for the hour.

How it will work:


Please attend Sunday School as you normally would.


Allow 10-15 minutes for everyone to arrive in their typical Sunday School classroom as normal (or less; I trust Little Lights Leaders to use good judgement).

Once everyone has arrived, Ms. Terri and Ms. Sue may lead Little Lights and their moms (or whoever is their Very Important Person) upstairs to the Elementary large group room to join First Lights.

Little Lights and First Lights Combined

When both age groups (and their moms) are together, we will watch a short video and play a screen game as a large group.

Tea Time

There will be a 'Tea Table' set up with iced tea, lemonade, and water, as well as some 'tea-time' snacks.

Moms may go and get the tea and snacks or a child may serve his/her mother tea and snacks.


Seating is flexible. If you have a Little Light and want a table and chairs for little ones, you may go into the K/1st grade Classroom.

There are many areas in the large group room for moms and kids to find a nice spot for a spot of tea!

After Tea

If there is time left after we finish our 'Tea', there will be a 'Selfie Station' for you to get a picture with your child.

There will also be a craft station where you can make something with your child.

Special Notes:

Moms do not need to stay for the Sunday School hour; but are encouraged.

Dads can come in place of moms as well as grandmas, grandpas, and any other caregiver who is important to the child.

Looking Forward to Father's Day!

Father's are pretty 'Tee-riffic!' too! We are celebrating the dads and dudes in our lives on June 18, 2023 during the Sunday School Hour.

It's not a 'Tea Party'; it's a 'Tee Party'! We will have a putting green, some other golf-themed games, and snacks.

If mom likes to golf and dad likes to drink tea, we allow moms and dads to choose!