Hey Parents!

We want to partner with you in organizing for the new school year. Now is the time to go through your home and either store or dispose of last year’s artwork collection.

I personally save around five to ten favorites, photograph the rest and then pitch or recycle what I can.

This year, after your child’s art has been brought home, enjoyed, photographed, and shutterfly-ed, consider donating it to the First Arts and Crafts Swap.

Your child’s artwork will be carefully kept and then given to a member of First church who needs their day brightened in the only way a child’s art can. We encourage you to attach a note or write your child’s name on the artwork so that a relationship can form between giver and receiver, but it can also be completely anonymous if that is what your family prefers.

Your clutter is our treasured commodity; we would love to show off the children’s schoolwork in the church lobby on a monthly basis. A monthly Arts and Crafts show featuring the children’s own schoolwork would be a great addition to our ministry.

This is a win-win situation for the parents and the church. You can declutter your counters and desk space while blessing the members of the church with your child’s gifts, talents and story.

How it will work:


Donation Bins will be available in the Little Lights and First Lights Large Group Classrooms.

Please feel free to bring in your child's artwork anytime and place it in the bin.


We will keep and store the artwork until a member needs a care package or a little something to lift them up or cheer them up.

Then we will pray over the artwork and pick a piece to give to a church member in need of a smile.

Relationship Building

If your child's name and address is on his/her artwork; the recipient of the creation can send a thank you note to begin correspondence with your child. This relationship can develop into a prayer partnership and even more if it is tended to and given opportunities to grow.

But the artwork can remain anonymous as well. That is up to the family.

Either way works for the church.

Art Show

Beyond sharing the artwork with those who are hurting, First Lights would love to put the children's artwork on display in the church lobby on a regular basis.

The congregation could look and admire the gifts and talents of our creative crew and if they happened to find something they like; they can take it home and hang it on their fridge.