The Road to Resurrection: A 40 Day Bible Reading Challenge

Help Kids Develop the Habit of Reading the Bible Everyday in 2021!

Join First Lights Leaders and Students in the 40 Day Bible Reading Challenge!

What You Need:

A kid-friendly, age appropriate Bible.

If you do not have one, FUMC will equip you.

A Bible Reading Roadmap (included in pdf).

Determination to see it through!

God Time!

Upper Elementary Kids can independently read from the Bible each day to build a personal relationship with God.

For younger students who do not read independently, we suggest parents read with their child at a set time each day.

Stay Motivated!

Motivation and incentives are key to helping kids develop a daily Bible-reading habit.

First Lights is here to provide weekly motivation to students in small group on Sundays, large group on Wednesday evenings and in monthly mailings.

We are also here to encourage you as the parent on Facebook, Instagram, email and the ParentCue App.

In this time of social distancing, we want to do the best we can to encourage you, so you can encourage your kids.


Bible Reading Plan

Road to the Resurrection Road Map